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i have a jarvis cocker keychain

sorry if everyone already caught this...

from alex online:

Baby news
02-28-04 - Alex and Claire now have a baby boy. It was mentioned on the Blur message board and verified by the fan club president. I will post more details here as soon as I have them. If anyone else knows anything more, please drop me a line or perhaps post in the forum. Oh happy dayyy....

My girl serenity5 just posted an excerpt from Hello! magazine at the forum:
Blur bass guitarist Alex James, 35, and his wife Claire Neate have welcomed a baby son who was born last Monday. Millionaire musician Alex reportedly spread the news of his son's arrival via a text message, saying: "Geronimo! 8lb 2oz at 06.20 this morning. Mother and baby doing just fine. It's a little piece of forever!"
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