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I cant believe I havent updated about the GIGS!!!! that's just outrageous!

I'll try and keep it short but I am sooooo unbelievably obsessed with blur it may not be so here goes *ahem*

I had planned to go to two, but as is life one of my friends couldn't go to the first one in Manchester, so I dragged another friend along. Sadly, and YES trust me I was DISTRAUGHT he dragged me out half way... Oh oh oh! How unbeliveably cruel and I was so lowsome and angry because I just love blur I do..and always always talk about them, and for himn to do that was not nice. However, I had my second gig coming up didin't I? and oh GOD was it the was in Brixton. I went with my other friend and they were just amazing..and the best bit was..

PLEASE GUYS you sooo have to believe me here because its trueeeee me...and yes it was JUST at me! why? because see im rather titchy and some coolsome bloke lifted me up on his shoulders and as i was the ONLY one that high up (unusual for me!) i was in direct line of view with the band and i had red hair so i stood out. oh my god damon looked straight at me and...smiled at ME! wowness ! you know when you blatantly know you'll NEVER be that happy again so it would be great to freeze that moment or just DIE then coz it was soo perfect!it was an amazing gig and i wanna go to them AGAIN and i love blur! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
he smiled at me!
*still grinning*
oh WOW.
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