sophia (bluesxgirlie) wrote in somanymoons,

when did we miss this?

alex james has three kids now with his wife. three sons named geronimo, artemis (isn't that a girls' name?) and galileo.

we should make him like a big box of home made baby stuff and send it.

miss you guys
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wow. i was just thinking of all you guys... i forgot about the lj community!
i can;t believe so much time has passed and that alex now has THREE kids. crazy
ha, funny- i was just thinking of SMM this morning on the drive to work. and i was totally unaware thats alex had a whopping 3 kids now. weird. anywho. yes. i miss the SMM gang. i think i joined, god just about 10 years ago. we need an e-reunuion of some sort.

(a.k.a gaz's whore, hahaha)